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Bumble Bees Day Care

Our Services

The Best Preschool

BumbleBees want our children to be bubbly cheerful and full of life. The purpose of education at BBS kids is to equip the children to understand the world better by promoting a sense of inquiry, encouraging their power of observation and helping their creativity to grow up.

Bumble Bees School is a community school that welcomes the involvement of parents and friends in its activities.  We encourage parents to visit the school to look around and meet staff and pupils.

Bumble Bees is a school where everyone works hard to ensure that the children are safe, secure and part of a caring and homely environment.

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Pre School

Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence.



The daycare is a place where a child feels like home and start learning new things.

activity center

Activity Center

To keep child active and healthy, we provide lots of activities in our school. Explore now.

Visit Our Daycare

Our Daycare is like “A home away from home and a boon for working parents.” Here Child start learning new things.

About us

Our Philosophy

Every classroom for the pre-primary kids is equipped with a theme color oriented a wide range of learning activities. We celebrate Yoga day, Father's Day, Mother's Day and many more. Also the festival celebration in our school.

We desire that the child gets the maximum benefit and solid and firm foundation at a very early stage of education.

This school intends to provide you maximum opportunities for all sorts of activities possible during and after school hours.

Academic Advantages


We have lots of material available for your kids such as Baby Cradle, Bed and Mattress, CCTV, Experienced Teachers, Wide Play area, Bunch of toys and much more...

Qualified Staff

We are having Experienced staff with very friendly nature. They trained to handle children as good as their own.

Personal Attention

Along with studies, care is taken that Childs personal development is built. Various activities are held which promotes the child to increase their grasping power and think logically.


Daycare facilities also being provided in our school where every kid is given personal attention and the child never feels far away from home.

Transport Facility

We provide mini bus for transportation with very high security at very reasonable cost.


We provide lots of activities for kids such as Karate, Dance, Drawing, Summer Camp etc. No additional charges are required.

What Parents Think

Our Principal

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Message from Principal's Desk

Mrs. Chetna Kanoongo is the principal director at Bumble Bees School. She has a true sense of education and visionary in nature. She is highly qualified and carries 27 years of experience. Bumble Bees school is established in 2015 and well known for its education. She earns spontaneous regard and respect from students and parents.

The belief of Bumble Bees is, "Education is not just through books but through our everyday actions, behavior, and examples." Education is live for children from the deepest recesses of our hearts shouldn't be just superficial. Love for education should be coupled with motherly love for all.

Mrs. Chetana Kanoongo


Our Activities

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Karate Classes

Learning and training in Karate-Do at our school helps the child not only to be able to defend him/her self but also prepare the child to face the future with confidence. We mainly focus on Self Confidence, Etiquettes, Self-discipline, Control and patience, Physical fitness and much more.

Age: 5 years Onwords.

Days : Tuesday, Thursdsay & Saturday

Time : 6 P.M To 7 P.M

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Dance Classes

Dance is a holistic exercise that builds one’s mind and body. Adding dance to academics is not a diversion or disturbance but can actually make students better in life. Dancing is a mix of art and exercise which connects the mind and body and makes one sharper and stronger.

Age: 3 years Onwords.

Days : Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time : 6 P.M To 7 P.M

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Few activities come as naturally to young children as drawing. Whether your child’s medium is chalk on a sidewalk or crayons on printer paper, he or she likely enjoy the act of creating art. Along with other forms of expression like dance and storytelling, drawing has numerous developmental benefits, we focus on them.

Age: 3 years Onwords.

Days: Two Days In Week

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At Bumble Bees school, We focus on child overall development. Apart from academics, we conduct additional tuition to make sure that the child learns things properly.

Age: 3 years Onwords.

Day: Monday To Saturday

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Summer camp

Summer camp is a community where children come together to have fun while learning lifelong lessons. The setting of the camp is such that children start developing a sense of independence while trying new adventures. Summer camps are known for their safe environment and the fun activities for kids that they provide. The summer camp activities help develop a variety of social skills including communication and conflict resolution.

Age: 3 years Onwords.

Month: March Or April

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Call +91 9075523457 / 8554079931 36/3/2 Yashwant Nagar, Vrundawan Society, Kharadi Road, Pune-411014.

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